Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reda 2011 Dark "Regretful" Music Video

I like Reda and I know his fans are crazy about him. This mature singer with a voice that does anything dramatic justice. Reda does not do dance music videos and models, he tells a story in his songs and if he has to make a music video then it's a very personal and intimate visual story.

He keeps is classy, this time he uses the reserve affects in some parts of the music video. We sometimes wish we can do this in real life to take things we said or done back becasue regret is awful. Reda does this songs really well.

Reda speaks to the camera sharing the agony f the story and his romance

Reda 2011 T2der Teb3ed 3any كليب رضا تقدر تبعد عنى


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