Saturday, October 15, 2011

Magdy Rabi3 New 2011 Album Out Now

Have not heard of this dude before, but the way he spells his name tells me he is from Egypt and so does the way he shows his chest hair and gels his hair too. This is pop romance album geared toward those young teens.

01 Mtetfar3ansh
02 Betheb.Tmtlek
03 Kan.Leya.Zman.Hbiba
04 Ahla.Youm.Fe.Hayaty
05 3einak.Menny
06 Agmal.3omr
07 Kan.Leya.Zman.Hbiba.(Remix)
08 Elly.3ando.Dam
09 Mtetfar3ansh.(music)


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