Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Egyptian Bushra Does It So Much Better

She is an actress, turned singer turned producer and her name is Bushra, one of the few Arab singers who can claim one name that needs no last. Bushra is one of the hottest and hardest working entertainer in her country. Get this one of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year--consideration phase is the one she starred in 678 about sexual harassment in public transportation in Egypt.

She is also working on a comedy movie for the Eid alongside seasoned actor Mahmoud Yaseen. When she is not acting, she is producing something with her company New Century that has come to give the best real movies that offer entertainment and sometimes a message.

Now though she is revisiting her music career, working with a number of big names in Egyptian music to put together her upcoming album. To warm up things for the album, she released this single few months ago and now she is releasing a music video to go with it an dyes there is a new look.

you get some humor in this Howa Meen (And Who Is This Guy?), there are outfits too, but I think the song is not as hot as other ones. It speaks to younger listener and offer little tarab! But she doesn't disappoint for a second there you get a glimpse of the real Bushra and how she sounds at her best.
bushra howa meen


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