Monday, October 5, 2015

WATCH: The Soft Return of Amal Maher in "Ayam Matetawadsh"

In the past, people used to beg Amal Maher to make music videos for her songs, now she cannot be stopped. Amal makes so many music videos nowadays it's a sweet thing really. Her album released in the summer of 2015 with Mazzika and it was pretty well-made. A different take on her music than her stunning album of 2011. But still a decent work of art.

Luckily one of the better songs on the album gets a romantic music video set in Paris. The music is pretty amazing and so is the vocal performance for Amal Maher who shoes a lot of grace. It's a darker song about the past, and failing to live it to one's fullest. It's a song about things we missed in our lives.

This is an expensive music video to make and very nice sets and outdoors. It sucks the guy is glued to his phone and stopped dreaming and investing in his love. This is a play house music video about what we have and what we think we deserve or what we once had.

Amal goes back to her original self and the style that we have come to know her best for. The gentle and innocent lover who breaks one's heart without uttering a word. We know the editing of this clip took a very long time, but it came out and it features a number of styles, looks and outfits that put Amal Maher under a different shade. The plot is unclear, did Amal Maher have two lovers one from the past and one in the present? Or is she daydreaming?
Ayam Matetawadsh - Amal Maher ايام ماتتعوضش - امال ماهر


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