Thursday, October 1, 2015

Facebook and YouTube Get Their Own Songs (Videos)

We are all suckers for social media, yes many of us have an addiction to them. But not these two ladies who released two songs celebrating YouTube and Facebook.  Oumnia did a song for YouTube and her voice is pretty decent, so she can do better songs than this one. It's a romantic song where YouTube comes up.

The next song is by Mai Khayat who woke up only to head to her Facebook profile to check what's happening. Again, neither of these artists are A list artists, nor are they B, but their songs travelled well and thanks to Filfan, I got to hear about them. I am glad someone is watching these songs and music videos. In between the uploads and the updates, this is a whole different universe.
youtube oumnia

Mai Khayat - Shet M Alnom / مى خياط - صحيت م النوم


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