Friday, October 16, 2015

The Music Terrorist Naya Offends Pretty Much Everyone (Video) @Nayatheofficial

Naya likes to do things differently, this pop songstress has done for the butcher look while wearing high heels. I liked her break out songs three years ago and now she wants to cash in so, she landed herself a new Khaleeji song where she goes to war.

Is that nudity? Does she says she fears God? Well, I like to believe her but many Arab Christians are offended by her use of the Cross.

Then there is that bloody knife, and torture S & M scene. Look, Naya is a pretty lady and she seems to like to party (as told by the bubbly champion) Not sure if this song has a soul? I do not get it, is that hot for her fans in the Khaleej? Naya went for sexy and rebel look, she played that part well, but the song does not ask for that. How about that gun that fires toward the end of the song? What's with the wrapped in black outfit? Is that meant as a zing on conservative Muslim outfits?

Really does the Middle East need further terror? I guess, Naya thinks we have not had enough violence so she took upon herself to terrorize the rest of us.

Also did she time the release of her song to be in time with Nawal Al Zoghby's new music video. You may not know this but Nawal's ex is managing Naya and he is promising to make her as big of a name as Nawal is or was. Keep on mind that two years ago Naya decided to retire, but she seems to have changed her mind.
Naya - Ana BKeify [Official Music Video] (2015) / نايا - أنا بكيفي


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