Friday, October 16, 2015

Ray Charles, The Beatles, James Brown, And Elvis Presley Go To Saudi Arabia @Masha3elStar

Two of America's biggest names in music star in a movie video made by a Saudi female artist. For starter this song should be confusing because Saudis are not well known for being patrons of the arts, and the stereotype Saudi women do not have it easy. It took Saudi vocalist and really cool cat of Khaleeji pop to bring out a big concert that takes one back in time.

Mashael brought few iconic American/British entertainers to be her sidekicks for her music video. Attention to details is clear. While this is a huge hit in Arabia, Masheal took it one step further. It's pretty funky concert that is well made. I could not tell if these folks were in there for real or just some computer tricks.

It's well made music video with a lot of flare and shows how cool Mashael in real life. The young singer takes a tour in what's hip and cool in American music. The king of pop Michael Jackson gets a cameo as well. I like this music video and the rap ends the song with fireworks.

The director had a good talent that believed in and she was willing to go along for his vision. What came out is a creative concept for music video that allows Mashael to shine and introduce us to many other world class talents.
مشاعل - مصيبتي (فيديو كليب حصري) | 2015


  1. مشاعل يعني شمس الاصوات ممتاز نغمه

  2. مشاعل يعني شمس الاصوات ممتاز نغمه