Thursday, October 8, 2015

Roni Kassar Is Crying Beautifully (Video)

Roni Kassar is a cool Lebanese dude, he is breathing Lebanon in his latest music video. Filmed at some posh villa in the foothills of Lebanon, a song where he is sad. Roni, you got a good thing going, no need to cry about it. You are young, good-looking, well-dressed, live in a giant mansion, and a gorgeous lady is in your life.

This is a good song for sure, Roni is plenty talented, his title for the song is about being stabbed with a dagger. AS if someone hit him with a knife in his back. While the images are so happy and the wedding party looks nice. The fire on curtains and dinner table are a nice touch. This is a well thought out music video, with some nice affects and gripping images.

I guess the love of his life is cheating on him with a fat bald women do not do that unless Roni you got a problem you are not telling us about.  
Roni Kassar T3ani Bkhanjar Video Clip روني كسار طعني بخنجر


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