Friday, October 9, 2015

TOP 10 Songs And Music Videos For This Week

Rotana released its top ten music videos for this week. This is a cool music video on the number ten spot, a party song from the unlikely place of Saudi Arabia, where Elvis makes an appearance. Mashael owned that song and shows so much energy and funk.

Balqees in her wedding song for the mother of the bride, then that hip Iraqi hit about being real is in the 8th place--thank you Waleed Al Shami. Then comes that Iraqi elder Hatem El Iraqi with his old-fashioned music video. He comes in the 7th place. Elissa is still looking in her mirrors and keeping the 6th spot. For the fifth spot you find that Lebanese romantic Wael Kfoury with all his dark charm. In the 4th place, one finds, Amr Diab being as cute and sweet as he has ever been.

The third spot is a comfortable place for Ahmed Gamal's flirty song about laughing with his loved one. Let's make space for the second spot with Tamer Hosny's drama about 180 degrees. He has a beard here and there is so much romance and tragedy. The top honor on this list goes for a lady that I do not know, seriously I do not know her. I should, she is in the top spot. Could it be that Yosra Mahnouch lady from the Voice? This is an Iraqi song that took the number one spot--second Iraqi track on the list.
نتائج التصويت وترتيب TOP10 هذا الأسبوع


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