Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Libyan Pop Song Calls For United Libya

Mai Saleem is doing a timely song about Libya, being one and united both Libyans of Arab origins and non Arab origins are united to preserve their land and their unity. There's no East and West, there's only people united under a wise leadership.

The land captures the beauty of the land that's is Libya, the plaints, the mountains and the coast. There's also a religious tone, as Islam is the main religion of that country--there are no Christina minorities in Libya.

As Qaddafi is packing his bag and his offspring running for their lives, Tripoli seems to be on the way to freedom soon. No one really listens to Qaddafi anymore and his audio messages are lamer than ever. It's unfortunate the NATO had to step in, but when a mad man is in charge all bests are off.

لا شرق ولا غرب


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