Monday, August 15, 2011

Hamza Namira Should Be The President of Egypt

Someone has been putting some energy drinks in Hamza Namira's water, it's showing in this guy's most recent work. Not only did he released the hottest post Mubarak album that offers humor, critique and ideas on how to advance Egypt in the post Mubarak world, he is also keeping busy this Ramadan.

This is the second song of his on the subject of the night people who drum up their drums to wake up the soon to be fasting people to fix themselves some food and pray. While most songs about Mesaharty has little substance to them other than being fun to listen to. Hamza is trying something different with his friends at Qabila TV.

Mr. Namira is offering history lessons in those short clips of his, this time he is talking about the French General Napoleon Bonaparte who has occupied Egypt, but failed to subdue its people. There's a lot of history and commentary on that era of Egypt's history.

The thing about Hamza, other than his magical voice and his choice of lyrics and music, is her heart. You can see that his music does not come form the void, it comes in the right moment talking about the right things that matter. While in 2009, he asked people to dream with him, two years later the dream has been realized. And Now Hamza is back with ideas on how to make Egypt great again. He does it though his music and by being an outstanding Egyptian citizen.

Nabolion Hamza Namira 2011


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