Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Islamic Style Wedding Music

There is an entire industry out there for Islamic appropriate entertainment, they have TV networks, TV shows, movies and music that deemed to be good by a number of scholars. When is comes to music, the traditional school does not like any musical instrument, they relay solely on the vocals and occasionally a drum--those were permissible at the time of the prophet.

There are a number of wedding songs written and performed at wedding styled in the Muslim code. I know there are popular in many parts of the Muslim world. The music usually included a prayer for the soon to be couple. An expression of joy of this happy occasion. No dancing, maybe only standing in circles and waving hands. Some of those songs will talk about the good looking male, and the virtuous young woman he is about to marry.

In occasions, those weddings feature martial arts, and theater plays. There is a lot of fun food and drinks at those events and many bearded men. This is what passes for "Haflat Islamiay", an Islamic party. I have to admit, those are often fun parties without many of the questionable social behaviors--like young men taking drugs and drinking alcohol in public.

أناشيد افراح المسلمين قبس من نور السنة. الجزء الأول


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