Monday, August 29, 2011

Myriam Fares New All Gulf Album

Props to Lebanese singer dancer Myriam Fares for keeping on making his songs better and her albums a work of arts. This relentless Lebanese entertainer has built a kingdom for her in most Arab countries, she toured and performed in Iraq; she is a mega star in her home Lebanon; the Egyptian are crazy about her and her shows; the Gulf and Morocco loves her local songs with dazzling performances of local dances as well.

But as for her next album, the people of the Gulf are in luck as the album is made with them in mind, it's made using local dialect. She already done pop and Lebanese Egyptian songs, now she is venturing to where the record sales are the Gulf where people still actually purchase music.

01.Min Oyouni
04.Ya Sariah
05.Ah Youmah
07.Sid Al Koul
09.Kather Al Khayal
10.Min Oyouni (Music Instrumental)
11.Khalani (Music Instrumental)


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