Monday, September 21, 2015

I Hope @NabilMekkawy Doesn't Suck This Time! (Video)

New comer Moustafa Hagag released an album last year that we love din my family. One particular song we enjoyed over and over was his song about fresh mint and the hot vendor who sells them. You know mint is a basic ingredients in tons of perfumes.

I do not like, the lady in the balcony doing cheap dances to the masses--has little to do with reality. Then she is looking down on his loved one as she was gonna prey on him. Moustafa Hagag's outfit choices is a bit grey and not working out for me. I can live with the pink bike and the artificially looking set.

Not sure how much money the director Nabil Mekkawy was working with, but I have seen better work form hims beforehand. I still have not seen the full music video so I might be being rash. I do like the song, love Moustafa Hagag and I appreciate the talent of Mr. Mekkawy.

مصطفي حجاج - يا منعنع (برومو فيديو كليب) حصرياً | Moustafa Hagag - Ya Mna3na3 (Teaser) Exclusive


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