Monday, September 21, 2015

@azizelshaf3i Music Brings Together Touba & Nabil Nicely

Cool bike Nabil, nice ride Touba and an amazing location to shot this music video. No clue who these two artists are, but I like their new song. Nabil is looking so cool and rebellious, the lady is looking so stylish and innocent.

The song is about two people who are feeling both victims in this love story. As a song this song makes me feel it...there is a good mood and I am sold. This is a nice pairing for two new and upcoming artists who are signed with Free Music label under the supervision of Nasr Mahrous (directing here and wrote the lyrics). Aziz El Shafie wrote the music here and I must say I fall in love with his work once more.

I welcome the new arrival for these two young vocalists, I like their dialogue and their emotional depth.  This is an emotional track that people in a relationship will relate to. Someone wants to express every thought and feeling, the other does not feel the need to talk. The music of Aziz El Shafie allows them to communicate their emotions without music stealing the show. This is part of the brilliance.

TOUBA & NABIL - MENNAK LELLAH (Official Music Video) I توبا & نبيل - منك لله


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