Friday, September 4, 2015

Egyptian Gutter Music Beats Pop (Video)

Amr Diab and Mohamed Hamaki did both release music videos last month and it took them more than a month to get 3 million views. But these kids from the streets of Egypt just beat them in the viewing game and really schooled them.

Trouble? These guys sound like shit, but somehow they are popular and not in the ironic way. I have little tolerance for this song, it's just trash. I do not care how popular it really is, to my ears, it's just noise. Lyrics are from the gutters, the music is similar to the one that can be made by car horns, the fashion is ludicrous.

The lead vocalist in this shit show goes by the name Hassan El Prince.....prince he is not, but a piece of something he is. The music video is helped by having three extremely popular vocalists? with a marginalized population. The song offers little class and no hope for the future generation that chooses to mock women.

كليب مفيش صاحب يتصاحب حسن البرنس فقط وحصرى على شعبيات وبس اخراج نصر كاملMafesh Saheb Yetsaheb


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