Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Best Songs Of Alleged Terrorist Fadel Shaker

I do not know if he killed anybody, but I know he had a lot of stupid things to say, he also posed with guns, and paled around with questionable radical elements. He also was in some capacity involved with a confrontation with the army. He also attacked a prominent political group in Lebanon and threatened to murder people and thugs.

but many of us are not ready to believe that Fadel Shaker, the soft-spoken Lebanese crooner is capable of such for all those people here's some of his finest songs, all the hits will be here in this YouTube clip.

He is Mr. sweet romance guy. He became famous in the late 90s, and kept up a good name, quality songs and fans all over the world, before he has a change of heart and start feeling sorry for his fellow brethren in Syria. One day we will hear from him, but as of right now very few people know with certainly where the man is hiding at the moment.

أجمل ما غنى فضل شاكر .....fadel shaker


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