Friday, September 4, 2015

The First R Rated Song Is Offensive! Hussam Jneid Sang It

Syrian Hussam Jneid is the king of Syrian pop and live performances--there's not a single Syrian city that has not seem him do his thing and get young men excited. He knows to give them what they like, even though he ma cross some lines and break some taboos.

His concerts are often sausage fests and lots of drinking and drugs--you do not see them, but you sense their presence. This song has been marked for 18 year old or more. I am not sure why this song had to be R talks about sucking boobs....gross....and vulgar for sure. Does it help women? No! It even might contribute to increased sexual harassment.

حسام جنيد طلال الداعور اوسخ حفلة رح تسمعها بحياتك +18


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