Thursday, September 3, 2015

Soma Shows Us How To Be Cool In #Egypt Without Trying! @FreeMusicEgy

Soma just learned a very difficult thing. The lovable Egyptian pop songstress has just found a way to look cool without coming across as someone trying too hard.

In her new single and music video she takes the guy to task and puts him in his place. You know that type of guy who is always working the field, running around and getting away. Soma really goes out and brings this guy around and keeps him. Not sure why guys do that, playing hard to get, but I guess he got a song out of it. But Soma and ladies like her see through that.

The clip is mixed in between theatrics and party mode. Soma is upping her girl game and as a style this is the first time I hear her and see her in this fashion. This is an upgrade. I have been a fan of Soma's voice, now I see she found her groove back and she is up for where the pop takes her.

It must have been few years since the last song from Soma, but this track was worth the wait and catchy songs are far more memorable.
SOMA - 3am El Rewish (Official Music Video) I (سوما - عم الروش ( فيديو كليب


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