Friday, September 25, 2015

The Fresh Mint Song Is Old!...Moustafa Hagag Misses @NjMusicProduct

I liked this song as a song, but now as a music video I do not think it's that good. Why? Last year Mostafa Hagag was one of my favorite new comers to the pop scene, he has charisma that is clear throughout his song selection.

The guy did a song about fresh mint and his love interest who likes fresh mint. Cool song, then he filmed it as a music video and things did not work out I think. Nothing is fresh about the music video. Using flashy cars and dude clothes, jumping around the camera aimlessly. And then there is that dancer with great hair who looks like a body builder and doing things on her balcony that would be either strange in the West or an advertisement for a sex worker.

But it's not her fault, it's the vision of the director and the singer that went along. I still like Mostafa and like that he seems like easy going and not too pretentious. He comes across as a guy from a modest origins who made it. Maybe it's the pressure eon him to do what's popular by brining that sexy dancer and getting it on with her in public. Then all of sudden a bunch of guys come wanting to p[arty with his lady, and a little kid comes and gives them a bunch of mint--not flowers.   
مصطفي حجاج - يامنعنع الفيديو الرسمي - ( MOSTAFA HAGAG - Ya Mnana3- (official Music Video


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