Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Funny Video: Shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed

This is a hilarious song that has a music video. A romantic song with a sense of humor is just what the doctor ordered. The creative work of Shady Omar shows here as he surrounds himself by jeans wearing young women splashing him in water.

This looks like one hell of a party they had on set. The song is pretty hilarious and feels like a song that would play in college dorms parties. There are all these hipster characters on screen. I like the youthfulness and that the dancer is partying just like the rest of his models. Shady knows how to party and I like his arrival.

It's an amazing job to have a new comer with a cool music video like this one Shady Omar has done. This could be an Egyptian hit, its lyrics are catchy. I like the music too, and the set seems fitting for the song's theme.
shady Omar 1+1 wahed + wahed


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