Monday, September 7, 2015

Listen: Legend Farid al-Atrash And His Best Songs

The Syrian legend, the lute player, the composer, the singer, and the heart breaker who is unlike no other, Farid al-Atrash is a big deal. He is not for everyone out there, but those who truly appreciate him, know good and authnitic voice and melody when they hear it. You have to reach a certain level of zen to begin to connect with Farid. To be honest, as a young boy, I did not think the he was that great, but then a uncle of mine whom we used to work together kept playing his songs.

Years later, I am a fan. He is also an accomplished actor with box office movies that have outlived the oldest person in your family. Here' are ten of his better known songs--try hundreds of them. His stature is too big and his career is too long to condense on one YouTube video, but this is a great start that will introduce you to this hardcore Arab singer. Keep on mind, his own sister was also a singer and have had a tragic life--Asmahan.

The entire family has a royal blood, and their music has made them kings of their time. Farid al-Atrash was not too keen on getting married--he has always argued that marriage kills the art. He passed away in 1974 after struggling with his heart--for the last 30 years of his life he had issues with it. He passed away in a Lebanese hospital in Beirut--after two days from returning to London. The legend was buried in Cairo.

لمحبي فريد الأطرش، اخترت لكم 10 أغنية جميلة من فريد


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