Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Roni Kassar Finds A Crush In College

Roni Kassar released a new single two weeks ago, and radio stations like it. It feels like a sweet song from a guy who has a crush on a college girl. Roni does a good job describing his lady crush in a non-creepy way. A sweet track with some upbeat tune.

Roni made a good song, not sure what comes next....hope he gets some gigs to perform this song along with his other tracks. He is a B list and he is contends with his status, hence, he makes songs for an A list. The title of the song is about happy accidents--we met by chance so random.

I like to support the little guy, but Roni managed to work with a household music composer Salim Salameh.

Roni Kassar - Sodfa Ltagena 2014 / صدفه لتقينا - روني كسّار


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