Monday, September 28, 2015

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit The Arab Selfie Craze

Lebanese pop star Mohamad Iskandar continues to make fun songs about relevant topics--lyrics are often written by his song Fares. This time he took on the selfie craze around the world. He is a wise man, who makes any song about love.

He is not short of passion and upbeat. He talks about a number of matters, but he seems to set his sight on the female population. This is the new technology, phones, snapping pictures and caring less about the world and more about oneself.

This song is sort of been a popular summer hit--this summer was too short due to the toxic conditions in many Arab countries, and Ramadan.....but people want to party and Mohamad Iskandar has never left them down. Every summer he releases a song that brings him once again tot he front lines.   

Mohamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit (Official Music Video) [2014©] / محمد إسكندر - العالم جنت


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