Monday, September 14, 2015

Here Comes The Book! Dounia Batma In Tkhayaltak Ktheer @DouniaBatmaA

Dounia Batma may have a strange personality, but she has always had this warm voice and graceful demeanor. The young artist from Morocco who almost won Arab Idol's first season more than three years ago, is back with such a wonderful song.

Here song is about being late to realize the importance of your loved one that has moved on. Aside from a warm song that feels a lot classier than any others songs she has done in the past, she is looking stunning. That dresses she is wearing and earrings tell tales of her unrivalled sense of style and her huge finances.

The dialect of choice for the song allows for more people to make sense of this perfectly crafted track that blends romance with the blues. This is certainly a new direction for a talented pop star who is competing with dozens of other talents out there. It feels like a poem sang with beautiful music that moves one's heart.
تخيلتك كثير - دنيا بطمة | Tkhayaltak Ktheer - Dounia Batma


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