Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back To School! The Best Music Videos With Schools!

September is the month to go back to school, for everyone else it's the Fall season and pumpkin time. I wanted to explore Arabic songs that take place in school--there are so many of them really. I just wanted to share them with you from my memory. These songs are classics and and some of them were part of films. What's curious is that Egyptian pop star Mohammad Fouad has two songs in this group.

I think this is a bittersweet moment for me, as I have not gone to school for a long time and I remember the best part about it it being one with old friends and favorite teachers. It was fun and now I see it. The songs below are some of the most memorable pop songs that either talk about schools, education or take place inside a school.

محمد فؤاد في أغنية عم حمزة

تامر حسنى . كريم محسن . مليش بعدك من فيلم عمرو وسلمى

محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي (فيديو كليب) Mohamed Fouad - El Hob El Haqiqi (Music Video) l

Diana Haddad - "Waily" [Music Video] ديانا حداد - ويلي

شخبط شخابيط نانسى عجرم Nansy Ajram - Shakhbat Shakhabeet

Kadim Al Saher Ila Tilmiza كاظم الساهر - الى تلميذة

Yasmin Abd El Aziz - El Dada Dody / ياسمين عبد العزيز - الداده دودي

اغنيه استاذ حمام ليلى مراد


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