Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Momma Qammar Shows Off Her Hot Bikini!

Lebanese baby's momma Qammar or Ammar has not done a song for few years. She did appear in a film where she sang more than two years ago. but an album has not been released for her in some time now Qammar is still trying to get the father of her little man to accept to take paternity test. This seems like an old story that never gets old. the little boy is now in school and his wealthy alleged father still denies he is the father.

Egypt cannot force a man to take a paternity test in the absence of a contract. Since This business guy allegedly slept with Qammar without signing any papers which in the eye of the ludicrous Egyptian law, she is just a whore. Well, Qammar stood up and still fighting the good fight. Do I think what she did with the guy is right no? Do I think the man denying his own blood is right no! Both are at fault here, but the bigger sin is not to own up to one's action.

Marwan Gamal is full of shit....and now Qammar did something new. She held a photo shoot with a Lebanese publication where she was wearing nothing but a swimsuit showing off her body like that. This was not even a music video or a movie, just something Qammar wanted to do and share with the world.
Al Jaras - Singer Amar قمر ترقص بالمايو


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