Thursday, February 26, 2015

Amer Zayna Is Gonna Party Tonight! عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة

His name is Amer Zayan and he knows he is the bomb. Without a care in the world, and nothing will stop Lebanese heartthrob from having a good time. His music video promises that he will sing tonight, and he does. It looks so fancy and glamorous. It's a party in some palace and he looks like a billion dollar man.

 He is at some party and Amer Zayna likes and knows how to have a good time, he dances with the ladies, but only one lady moves him. I detect a foreign beat--maybe Greek that serves as a break form the song. Its one of his finer songs, thanks to gifts of Marwan Khoury who composed both the lyrics and the music.

He released anew album this week and already we get a music video from the guy. It's unclear to me weather women find him hot or pretty....but he takes good care of his style. That might not bee a good thing if he consumes too much time or tries to hard. But for now, I have nothing but love for this new music video. 
Amer Zayan ... Rah Ghani El Layli - Video Clip | عامر زيان ... رح غنّي الليلة - فيديو كليب


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