Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WATCH: Pascale Machalani ... Ya Mdagdag #Average

Pascale Machalani returned with anew album late last year. I did not make time to blog about it. But when she released a music video. I had no choice but to pitch in. One of her songs or at least the one she filmed was for a Jordanian folklore song. Sure, now there is a Jordanian folklore in music and Pascale Machalani is breathing some air into it.

Roa saw the music video and she almost did not recognize her favorite artist form the 90s. She did a lot of work and she is looking better than she has been the past few years. She is a pop star, an original artist where the image mattered. The music video she boards the part bus and the party takes off as all the boys got nothing else but to stalk her.

I like the music, but it's the only unoriginal part. I think this is a welcome comeback from Pascale Machalani. She has been missing from the scene. You may love or hate her look, but if she is content, why the hate? At least give her some credit for the outfits and for making a second run, she does have a strong voice, and I hope she fins her comfort zone in those crazy times. Maybe she is trying to be someone else here instead of trying to be her real self.

Pascale Machalani ... Ya Mdagdag - Video Clip | باسكال مشعلاني ... يا مدقدق - فيديو كليب


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