Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Fantastic Hijabi Rock Star Aya Ali

She hails from the city of the moon in Palestine this is Jaffa by the sea. The city has blessed her its warmth, its beauty and its charm. The name is Aya Ali and her heart beat Palestine. But being a Palestinian means you are from more than one place. She grew up in the city of Jericho. This is why one of her most celebrated songs is about the refugee camp of Yarmouk. If you have not noticed the camp is under siege inside of Syria. There is suffering that goes in there and there is a lot of hunger and need that have not been met.

Aya sports the Muslim head cover, making her a unique artist, there are about less than five names we know of who sing and wear the Hijab. Aya has a strong voice, and she likes the art, not necessary the glamour and the parties. So she sings for what she cares about it. Right now, this means all things Palestine. This song is a call to all those who feel the plight of the besieged people. Aya felt it from afar and she chose to sing about it in the context of Palestine.
ايه علي - العربي (اغنية اليرموك ) Aya Ali - El Arabi


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