Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Myriam Fares Breaks The Internet With "Nifsi Aoulhalak" @myriamfares

Good pop stars are many, great ones not so much. The Queen of Stage as her fans know her is Myriam Fares and she is coming in hot into 2015. After an amazing album dropped late in 2014. And now she is back with a new music video/commercial for a hair product. Ms. Fares is able to release this music video exclusively on the internet thanks to her corporate sponsor.

the song is pretty nice, upbeat and moving. It combines dance and romance with high energy. The music video matches the song very well. And Myriam Fares shows off all what she has. I like the song and I appreciate the music video, it seems to have been filmed in doors which keeps the costs low. The club location and light show add some sizzle.

Without Myriam Faress style, this song would have been garbage and not something you would want to play ever again. But in this where she draws a the line. One outfit, but great hair and some computer affects. This is certainly a more Western style of music video and singing. There is a lot of jumping and not too many Arab pop stars can pull it off (Amr Diab does)

From her "Aman" album, this is the fourth music video and second since the release of her solid album.  
Myriam Fares Nifsi Aoulhalak ميريام فارس نفسي أقولهالك

Official Music Video of Nifsi Aoulhalak from Aman Album for The Queen Of Stage Myriam Fares Lyrics: Mohamad Rifai - Music: Mohamad Yehia - Arrangement: Idriss Rouchiche & Moradzo - Mix: Silvio Ecomo - A&R: Richard Hussein (Lionheart) - Mastering: Abbey Road Studios - Produced by Myriam Music


  1. Horrible song and video. I did not like it.