Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A World Where Females Rule! A Lebanese Fantasy Film "Niswaan Lesh Laa"

The Lebanese cinema is celebrating the release of a new film a comedy about a universe where woman are in charge of everything. It seems like a fun movie that addresses the roles of genders in society. The film was promised to tackle an important issue, but I know from an inside source, that the budget was cut toward the end--which tight the hands of the director and editors.

They had a premier in downtown Biuret, I think this is a worthy film to see, it will inspire the debate to talk on these topics. Furthermore, this is a nice film done by local talents who want to do good by their country. I have also heard that the script from the film was shared with an Egyptian filmmaker who made his own movie and released ahead of the Lebanese one. This is a wonderful film to be made in Lebanon where the female population tends to take on more roles and push more envelopes. Equality anyone?

This is a dark comedy that takes on a number of touch subjects as traditional conservative thoughts and extremist ones.

إيلاف تلتقي نجوم فيلم "نسوان... ليش لأ"


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