Sunday, February 22, 2015

Opera Songstress Takes On Pop Aya Abdallah - El Leila

Some people know and like Aya Abdallah, this is the first time I hear of her. And I am glad I have stumbled upon her and her new song. Aya has been honored last year for best rising star and she has a TV show with a Dubai based network where she hosts other celebrities.

This Egyptian vocalist who started as a soloist on an opera orchestra and took on a challenge be appearing on "Sawt Alhyah" singing competition. Aya came on the third spot for Egypt's Arab Music festival in 2011 and the second spot in 2014. This is a huge comeption for young and unknown Egyptian opera quality vocalists and so many other bright talents compete. She is also a graduate of the University of Cairo.

Comes now another single from Aya, it's pretty snazzy, loud and all about get up and dance. This is music for the masses with integrity.
Aya Abdallah - El Leila | اية عبد الله - الليلة


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