Thursday, February 5, 2015

Video: Palestinians Dance To The Tunes Of Al Sisi Song! @sabaya16

A popular Egyptian TV program went to the West Bank to film and visited the holy city of Jerusalem. Riham Said took her show Sabaya Al Kheir to be with the people of Palestine. Sure it's a rating gold. Not many shows are able to get permits from the Israelis. Though the Palestinian Authority can help sometimes--if they like you.

So one segment of the program, she stops by a wedding and you can see it's a bunch of dudes dancing (bachelor party). There was good energy in the space. And Riham tried to dance for a bit, but she was in the mood and got to hang with the boys. She sang along. And you can tell this makes nice with many Egyptians who right now have nothing better to do than hate on the people of Palestine (mainly Gaza)

Note, there are some good dancers who should star in their own videos. I know some won't be happy with this video as they imagine the kids of Palestine to be tough and serious who fight an occupation. I look at it, they really can do both things.

the song they are dancing too was released last summer and it was a shot in the arm the Sisi regime needed to close the fraud election. The singer is Hussein Al Jasmi (UAE), the lyrcists is Ayman Bahgat Amar and music of Amr Mostafa--both are from Egypt.

صبايا الخير| الشعب الفلسطيني يرقص مع ريهام سعيد على بشرة خير


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