Monday, February 23, 2015

Did Nancy Ajram Just Release Another Boring Music Video?

I hate to hate on her, but it might be me whose taste has changed. It could be me that I grew up too fast or that I graduated form the Nancy school...or that she is over stretched by appearing on Arab Idol as a judge. The people who liked you in 2002 are now turning into their thirties and forties. So it might be a time to try different things.

It was a good album two years ago, and we have already seen like six music videos form that album. Nancy you are still cool, but walk away form Fady Haddad, he might be the busiest music video director in Lebanon, but he does not have any new ideas. He is safe and boring. I mean I like the general feel, but maybe we have seen too many of these Nancy Ajram music videos? Maybe she is making them with few on mind. This is a romantic song that lacks the warmth and the coziness of a complicated love story.

I would have liked this song had I been a teenager, but this music video is a filed attempt to make a classy Nancy Ajram. This is a good idea, but bad execution. I know Nancy worked with just about every music video director out there, the new and the old. Some were good music videos, others was lame. This one is no classic. And while you are at, fire the guy who did the makeup, it shows that you may have had some work done.

If you liked the music video, please tell me in the comment section why. I think some fans feel the same way about Lady Gaga who was unstoppable in 2010-2013. Then now she is something else and no longer generates headlines. At least Nancy Ajram outlasted hundreds of other singers.

Nancy Ajram - W Bkoun Jayi Wade3ak official video clip - نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب وبكون جايي ودّعك


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