Friday, February 20, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu And His Party Steal A Palestinian Rap Song--Gets Sued By The Rappers

In Jordan there is a rap group for Palestinian Jordanians who does songs about longing for the return to Palestine and how homesick they are. Torabya did a song to zing the extremists of ISIS/ISIL or Da'esh and hoped the songs will do well and that their fans will enjoy it. That all happened, but also more than that. It seems that the Israeli politicians wanted to use the song for an ad campaign in their March election. The song is anti-occupation, and zings the politicians of Palestine from all parties for having failed.

The Likud party which is headed be the sneaky and greasy politician Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi wanted to instill fear in the hearts and minds of voters, so he chose to scare the hell out of them with the threat of ISIS extremists. Though most Arabs feel that ISIS is not a threat to the state of Israel, but a friend of the state of the occupation.

This is a heavy duty songs that has some many thoughts, it's keen on shaming the Israeli occupation. It uses those grim black blindfold in what seems like a march. Needless to say the artists are insulted that the Israelis would use their songs for advance their anti-Palestinian agenda. Worse, no one asked them for the songs' rights. So according to Reuters and Radio Sawa the artists filed a lawsuit in a Haifa court against the party. In their press release, the artists in the band said a lot of things about Israel, the occupation and the theft of their work.

I do not think anything will stop the Israelis from stealing things, not even the UN.  But I find it funny, that aside form stealing the food of the natives, now they go after their music too in such a twisted manner. The Israelis used the music video to hint that these guys are extremists of ISIS. But they are not. So not only do the steal the song, they also defame the artists and lable them with unsubstantiated charges  
أغنية غربة- Ghorba

حزب الليكود يستخدم أغنية "غربة" لفرقة "ترابية" ضمن حملته الانتخابية


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