Friday, July 24, 2015

Huda Saad: Not Just Another Moroccan Singing Khaleeji @Hoditactic

Moroccan diva Huda Saad is one of my favorite rock stars. I loved her voice since 2009 and have admired her choices ever since. She was a winner picked by Rotana and groomed for success. But one thing is different about Huda Saad. She works on herself as she does not wait for her phone to ring to get to work. Huda is always finding creative ways to be relevant and stat fresh.

Take for example, at first she did sing and just that, in her next album she wrote some songs and then came the big pleasant surprise in her very own music composition. And of course she did sing in all popular Arabic dialects and styles. From her very own dazzling Moroccan to her cheeky Egyptian, to the convincing Lebanese and now to the bold Khaleeji.

In fact be releasing a new album with four songs in Khaleeji tracks, she breaks into a big business and with the help of Rotana is not flying blind. I love the album and I have nothing awful to say about it. I respect Huda for only including four songs on her album as opposed to seven or eight songs that one tosses away. Huda made good choices and I am amazed by all tracks, but I fell in love two seconds into this track "Ana Keda" as it has all the right elements in right doses and timed perfectly. I do too like "El Resalah" a very bittersweet song that allows Huda to make her case for stardom.

I think the Arab world has yet to see the end of Huda, she is one talent that deserves a larger audience. Huda does what pop stars should be able to do, but they do not. I like how she pulls one surprise after another. I think this is one of the few times when a non-Khaleeji artist does a great job covering this dialect musically.   

01 - El Resalah
02 - Asaab Lahazat
03 - Ana Keda
04 - Ma Deat

Listen to the album here
Huda Saad … Ana Keda | هدي سعد … انا كدا


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