Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Comer @Rana__Samaha Is Everywhere And It's Great!

The tall and slander recording artist Rana Samah released at least three music videos in the span of 30 days. Each of these songs tackles a different topic, and communicate a varying range of emotions. Rana is adored by her fans who are very vocal about this Egyptian artist.

Here's the latest music video from this inescapable pop star who goes on a picnic for her song as she awaits the days to pass by so that she can be reunited with her loved one. To be clear on this, no other star from Rana's peers and age groups have done as much work as she has done. She seems to spend a great deal of time inside the recording studio. She comes back with a new song and new energy and a pleasant character.   

One time, you compare her to diva Angham, the other to Nancy Ajram, then to Amal Maher but you know she is none of those gifted divas. She is her own star, paving her own path and in the process conquering millions of hearts along the way. One of her boldest songs came last week whens he sang to empower women and urging them to fight for their rightful places--anywhere they desire. 

I am impressed by Rana, she is prolific, and she has shown that she is active. I know many of her male peers are aggressive and this is why they get ahead, but Rana is really giving them a run for their money. We need more female artists like Rana.
Rana Samaha - 3aysha 3alyoum l رنا سماحة - عايشة ع اليوم


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