Friday, July 10, 2015

Sexy And Stylish @Abdalslaam_alz Prays So Well

The song of Kuwait Abdel Salam Alzayed surged in the social media this week upon the release of his new supplication record "Ya Allah" or "O' Allah". It's a pretty convincing supplication that's hard to believe it's been captured on a record it sounds so authentic and so personal.

What's interesting is that Abdel Salam Alzayed is not even religious. He appeared on the 10th season of Star Academy and his performances while on the program guaranteed him a premium spot at his nation's biggest music festivals. But nothing beats this young artists presence in social media as he shares with his fans many details of his daily routines like the time he showed a picture of himself at the cloth store picking up a suite for his concert the same night.

Enjoy the supplication and join me as I hope may Abdel Salam's prayer may be answered. Who says people cannot look sexy when they pray!
انشودة عبدالسلام الزايد - يا الله - نسخة اصلية عبدالسلام الزايد يالله HD


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