Friday, July 17, 2015

Ahmed Zaeem (The Egyptian Fadel Shaker) New Song Is So Good!

In Egypt, they dub him as the next Fadel Shaker, the local boy whose voice and emotions sound so sincere. I have written about Ahmed Zaeem few times already and talked about all his friends in the music business who believe in him and his talent.

This time Ahmed has outdone himself and opened a new gate for his career. Now, Ahmed's new song was released a day or two ago--timed for the Eid holiday. I played the song and asked my lovely wife and my music savvy brother-in-law to listen in. They were instant fans and they have never heard him before or any of his songs, but this song about nostalgia, moved them in the right direction.

But when I mentioned that people compare Zaeem to Fadel Shaker, they said they see it, but they also think Ahmed is a stand alone artist--which I agree. Well done and a good song that feels good to listen to and to play over and over. 
أحمد زعيم - ليالينا (Audio)


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