Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Syrian Singer @MohamadBash Charms The World #Shoufi_Mafi

Bash is back and he is all loaded up with maximum level of charm. Syrian Mohamad Bash is one of those young talents who are stuck in the C list class of artists. But for his new music video he is playing tourist in some Asian city perhaps.

The new song is pretty interesting, it sounds like an Iraqi song from the title, but then the song goes in some foreign tongue. What's fresh is the arrangement of music here, it's pretty sophisticated. The Star Academy is taking pictures and videos with the tourists. He gives a shout out to Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian dialects.  

The director of his music video is also the same person that wrote the lyrics and music. So this is pretty new to me. The music video is low budget and made with volunteers. The new song shows what Bash has as a vocalist with big Tarab potential that is relevant for today's age.

It's a fresh song from a young artist whose talent should be shared with more people, I know his big smile opens hearts and doors for him.

Shoufi Mafi  - Mohamad Bash شوفى مافى - محمد باش


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