Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hamad El Amry Of The United Arab Emirates

He is one of the young guns of the United Arab Emirates, he is one of their brightest vocalists whose voice glows in the dark. I love Hamad El Amry's style. I think many will attest to his amazing vocals, and I love how he subscribes to the school of the UAE folklore style--he sounds a lot similar to another popular UAE artist Mr. El Minhal....

This is powerful and passionate poem performed with a tangy voice accompanied by the lute, and this does the magic. No complex process or filters, just a good voice, with neatly-crafted poetic lyrics and soothing oud. I am now thinking this is really how the UAE song sounded to me growing up in Dubai, they are different than the rest of the Gulf....and Hamad let them aim through.

اغنية حمد العامرى وفر كلامك


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