Thursday, July 16, 2015

Black Theama's Vocal Guests Upstages Them In "Bahlam"

Songs about dreams are a dime a dozen in every culture. They helped sell records, clothes, cars, phones, computers and soft drinks. So every artist has the urge to have their own song about dreams and aspiring to be something bigger.

The Upper Egypt (south) band of three dreams Black Theama did include a song about this very topic on their album released earlier this year. It feels like a religious song where they are praying with God while singing a locally themed song. Not much lyrics really, just a dozen words in total. The song is okay but the vocal artists transports you to some parts of Egypt that you have always wanted to see.

Black Theama's vocal guests takes you there and reminds you of the complex and rich musical legacy that country has. The song is also is available on at least two of three cellphone networks in Egypt.     
Black Theama - Bahlam | بلاك تيما - بحلم


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