Thursday, July 2, 2015

Classical Song "Egypt Is on My Mind" And A Sham Election

Decades ago the only and only Umm Kalthoum has a patriotic song for Egypt "Egypt is on my mind" Now, this was a song that was cool back then, and now it feels relevant again as people of Egypt scramble to save their own country--they are their own worst enemy.

Shahinaz quit the show business years ago, but she did not stop singing, and now she did a wuick cover of this song during an interview with some local Egyptian station...I include both. It's like a love competition who loves Egypt the most. And that's the song and too the reality of the political landscape one power hungry general who poses as morally superior fellow, and the rest of the 51 of Egypt.

Shahinaz - Misr Ellaty Fi Khatery

أم كلثوم - صوت الوطن (مصر التي في خاطري) Om Kolthoum - Voice of Egypt


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