Saturday, July 11, 2015

In Defense of Women @Rana__Samaha Sings Loud (Video)

Women do not have it easy, they faces a different set of challenges. In a place like Egypt, they work despite facing numerous challenges. Traditional roles are no longer working, yet women of Egypt and many places around the world struggle. Muslim or Eastern women have an added struggle since their societies are still conservative and lagging.

Rana Samah, the up and coming pop star form Egypt took a break from all the glamour and romantic songs to do a song for women, a song to empower females of Egypt. The good thing, the song works and actually offers hope, a message many females need to have. Do not limit oneself, reach for the stars, have a career, it's also okay if you want to be a mother too. Just make your own choices.

The song feels real and personal, why was I created, the song ponders? Then answers, I will be a role model, live my life and please my God. I won't hide and settle for a confined space, and I know I understand my religion and I know my place. I am not here for your entertainment and pleasure! Some strong words that needed to be said. Rana urges people to read the history books and see how the prophet honored the ladies in his life.

Well-done Rana, this is a song that you had to make and a song that will be remembered as a legacy song that will inspire young girls to stand up and pursue their very own paths. I know a lot of people misunderstand their own religion and take what suits them and ditch what does not. Rana goes bold and reminds people that women in fact have a role and there are no limits.

It's a sure thing that things are changing  (For example, females in Palestine have a lot more education than males) But the mindset is slow to adapt, Rana urges people to choose the right side and not hold females back for realizing their potential.    

رنا سماحة - مخلوقة ليه | Rana Samaha - Makhloaa Lih

 Rana Samaha - Makhloaa Lih Lyrics : Ahmed Hassan Raul Composed : Muhammed Fakhrany Arranged : Elhamy Dehema directed by : Sami Besat


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