Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This Saudi Physicans/ Singer @DRmohabomar Will Cure Your Soul With His Music

There's a famous Arabic physician who has stopped doing surgeries and operation on his patients to do a comedy show. And now there's another awesome physician who is perusing his other talents aside from caring for his patients.  Paging Dr. Mohab Omer from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to a YouTube screen near you.

His soothing voice, calm style will put you at ease as he sings his latest song. It's people like Dr. Omer who bring about change, they do it slowly and certainly without alienating anyone. I simply found out about him because a cousin of mine who studied in Malaysia put up his link from his home in Gaza, and I picked it up here in the United States of A.

Abdulrahman Mohammed; Mohab Omer - Craziness مهاب عمر و عبدالرحمن محمد-أصابك عشق


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