Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Love You @azizelshaf3i But Don't Cry For The Wrong Reason! @NjMusicProduct

I never liked propaganda songs because one they do not feel "real" and often times they are done in a rush as in a knee-jerk reaction to some appalling event. And in any country where there is a dictatorship, the artists behind such songs are doing them either rout of fear or hoping to get access to the tough men ruling the streets.

It's not secret that I admire Aziz El Sahfei, one of the coolest singers and producers in Egypt. He is a composer and he is also an active supporter of an Egyptian soccer club--he released an album about how much he loves his team. Aziz did many songs for the love of Egypt in the past and many of them were good.

This time it's different as his latest songs are made in reaction to the attacks on Egyptian army officers who were killed in an ISIS attack in the Sinai desert. These are heroes should be celebrated, they are foot soldiers. But should not the song also talk about the dozens of causalities inflicted by the army in retaliation of these attacks--seriously some children got killed there too. You really do not have to wear a uniform to be celebrated.

Aziz and many of his friends joined for this group song to chime in. There are five singers who participated in performing this song led by Aziz El Shafei (lyrics and music too), Sharif Ismail, Mostafa Hagag, Fakharany, and the exciting new comer Saif Magdy. Sure the song does not change anything, but it might give some people closure.

Why are they choosing death? The song says, I would rather die? Why should that be a choice? People should live for country not die for it. The army is bragging here about their power, good luck bullying your own people.

As for the song, I love each artists who appeared in the music video, I am a real fan of theirs but unlike them I see all deaths tragic not just those for the ones I love.

اوبريت ما تتهزميش - Opret Ma-Tethzmesh


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