Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Maria Says Play, You Say Sure Thing

Maria, the Lebanese songstress is lucky. After she came to fame in 2004 with her mighty popular song El3ab, she had some modest success until the year 2006 when it was her birthday and someone took pictures of her dancing on a cake... upsetting pretty much everyone who pretends to care about music and managed to be insulted by those reckless actions of the pop singer.

Maria took few years and came back in Egyptian movies that deals with issues that youngsters care about such as love, unemployment and immigration. None of those movies were serious, but some of them made some money. In 2008 Maria staged a comeback with her Stop music video where you can see two top music directors discussing her comeback leading to her music video. Few months later, Maria followed that with her interesting Baheb El Mas song about diamonds in which she declares her affection for diamond, (seriously what girl does not like diamonds?) During the filming of this music video, someone took a short video of Maria almost nude body, she got some heat for them, but kept going.

This year she starred in a serious movie called A7aseess "sentiments", Maria played a belly dancer with a heart of gold. Here is the music video for her dance/song from that movie. I thought the movie is enjoyable bold but enjoyable as there are a number of steamy scenes. I think Maria did great for the role and she might have redeemed herself with those follow her career.

ماريا بالادب ياحبيبى Maria


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