Monday, December 20, 2010

Diab, the Star Project

Every now and then you hear of a new singer you do not know what to make of them. This is what I felt when I heard of Egyptian singer Diab. He is handsome, he has cool songs and you can say his voice is good. in 2005 he had a hit song Ghamazat, but it took him five years produce an album. The album was a mixed bag, I liked about four songs on the album. El3aw of course was a funky song, 7ad Li3bi fi Dimagik was another. His music videos are a bit raunchy, I do not appreciate them much.

The lyrics are catchy and the music if trendy pop and sometimes Egyptian singing style. But Diab has a good team as he is adopted by Nasr Mahrous, Egyptian music mogul and star maker who has given us a dozen of Arab stars including (Tamer Hosny, Shrien, Suma, Baha'a Sultan...etc.) Diab is his latest stars and so far it seems to have worked.

I saw an interview with Diab and I loved his personal he is a nice guy who is down to earth and seems like a guy i would like to have a cup of tea with. So there you go a sample of his hits live...

Diab Sings for FilFan دياب يغني لفي الفن


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