Monday, December 20, 2010

Here Comes a Tease

Egyptian Randa Hafiz sticks to herself and her music, she was in Libya for some concert and she took on couple more in Egypt this past summer. She does not talk much, but she works and pops out every now and then with something fresh to reward her most loyal fans.

One of her better songs on her sole album is As3ab Haga is about to get a music video of its own, and if the tease tells, I think this will be an enjoyable music video and not just same old graphics like her last one. But we did enjoy one of her previous music videos at least. I have also enjoyed Randa Hafiz's song for Egypt during the African cop. I wish she gets around to filming it one day instead of this slideshow.

She is one of Egypt's better looking voices in the pop music scene. She is not a household name throughout Arabia, but she is becoming more popular with the youths. She defiantly knows a bit about the social media marketing tool, the reason I get her updates is because her YouTube channel gives you real time updates.

Randa Hafez As3ab Haga Clip Promo- راندا حافظ أصعب حاجة برومو


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